July 21, 2010

10.07.20 .... A new camera - pocketable

First pictures with a new camera - Panasonic LX3.

My Canon G3 compact has helped me make lots of great pictures since 2002. A little chunky camera. Really good quality for its time. Won't fit in a pocket, but fits OK in a big belt pouch.

2002 is very old in digital camera terms! The Canon G-series is now up to model G11! So I've been doing some research to find a modestly priced high quality pocketable camera.

Recently I spotted a good deal on Craigslist and snagged a circa 2008 lightly used Panasonic Lumix LX3 compact point and shoot camera. Picture quality and handling are superb - and it is tiny. Only weakness in my view is a very limited zoom range, the equivalent in 35mm terms of 24mm-60mm. Best for wide angle photos and nearby scenes where I am close to the subject.

Panasonic LX3

Flower was next door. The abstract flowers and rainbow scene was at an Erie playground.

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