April 15, 2010

10.04.13 .... Daffodils another try

I like these daffodil photos better than those I did yesterday. See what you think.

For these I brought my flash and softbox outside to the flower bed. Even though it was breezy, the flash stopped all motion and made nice crisp pictures. I don't mind the background going dark - it lets the flower be the star of the show!

Nikon D300 with 80-200mm f4 manual focus lens for the first photo. Same lens with 5T closeup diopter for the 2nd photo. SB-800 flash in a handheld little softbox just to the left of the flower provided ALL the light for the photos. An SU-800 remote controller on the camera triggered the flash. I used the camera self-timer so I had a few seconds to move the softbox into position. 1/250 sec at f16 ISO 200.

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